Kent Technologiespartners with emerging software leaders and provides them with Outsourced Product Development (OPD) services ....


In today's technologically competitive world where there is a greater emphasize on out sourcing software development, Kent TechnologiesGlobal Services....


Kent Technologiesis at the forefront of driving and managing IT strategies in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industries for various clients. ....


Kent Technologies is a global provider of integrated IT solutions. Our business models ensures an optimized business delivery through its global impact strategy, combining its consulting, outsourcing, development and partnering capabilities.

Our professional services and solutions are unique and result oriented and has given a significant growth and performance to our clients.

Our practices provide a unique opportunity for pooling of common technology resources and skills.We areworking worldwide on various critical projects.


Our in depth expertise and experience in the latest technologies, tools and methodologies provide our customers multiple options as per their requirements, be it Java/J2EE, Open Source or Microsoft technologies

We specialize in Open Source technologies and with our expertise in leveraging on the fast growing Open Source movement we provide our customers with best in class solutions at a much lower level of complexity and Cause.

Our specialized team at Technoq Technology Services will help you to leverage the fast growing Open Source stack to implement best in class solutions for your IT needs at a much lower TCO!


The right combination of technology experts and tools.

As organizations start concentrating towards improving efficiency and measuring effectiveness, they have to move towards efficient collection of data and through analysis. Organizations improve their margins by doing in-depth analysis to find out the changes needed in processes.

This has opened up new avenues for newer applications and rapid adoption of existing enterprise applications. The mid size target customer segment is also turning out to be attractive. These results in increased need for resource to develop, validate, implement & maintain large applications.